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Rashtra Sevika Samiti prayer is a beautiful expression of hope, aspirations of the Indian woman. There has been a human tendency to pray since the beginning of life. Due to the values ​​of which India could achieve the glorious sanctuary high status, it is necessary to get proper strength (physical, mental, spiritual) to keep them safe, uninterrupted. Manikaanchan Yoga will be called as a human grace along with divine grace. Therefore, we are not helpless in expressing our heartfelt humility in front of superior power, because we believe it will fulfill our divine power. It is impossible to disclose (naturally) this relationship of words with utterance.

The purpose of prayer can vary according to individual. Someone only prays for austerity, for the attainment of some power, then one prays for happiness. There is devotion also in devotional prayer. With such a prayer, there is a belief that life will be stunning in the development of the Sukshatakans in life. All religions and sects have an independent place of prayer. It is a prayer to utter words with your mind or with emotional words in front of your devotion. Prayer is necessary to keep in mind that the Dhruvatar of the goal is to remain constant in front of a continuous vision and to reach us there.

The prayer of the committee is collective. The hope of the society can lead to immense change in the enormous power situation that is being created aspiration. The collective prayer leads us to the enormous enormity of the humanity from the narrow boundaries of personality. We all are one in the collective prayer of the strength of creating such a sensation. To reach us, collective prayer is essential to reach us. Whatever you want to ask for, for your society, for your nation, for your nation. Entry into the vast periphery of the mass from the narrow range of personality is accessible for this reason. Such was the rise of national prayer.

This modern concept is not about great fun. Our forefathers had a collective prayer in Vedic times by keeping the same objective in front of the sage monks, for the benefit of Bahujan Hitiayas.

नमामो वयं मातृभूः पुण्यभूस्त्वाम्
त्वया वर्धिताः संस्कृतास्त्वत्सुताः
अये वत्सले मग्डले हिन्दुभूमे
स्वयं जीवितान्यर्पयामस्त्वयि ।।१।।

नमो विश्वशक्त्यै नमस्ते नमस्ते
त्वया निर्मितं हिंदुराष्ट्रं महत्
प्रसादात्तवैवात्र सज्जाः समेत्य
समालंबितुं दिव्यमार्गं वयम् ।।२।।

समुन्नामितं येन राष्ट्रं न एतत्
पुरो यस्य नम्रं समग्रं जगत्
तदादर्शयुक्तं पवित्रं सतीत्वम्
प्रियाभ्यः सुताभ्यः प्रयच्छाम्ब ते ।।३।।

समुत्पादयास्मासु शक्किं सुदिव्याम्
पिता-पुत्र-भ्रातृंश्च भर्तारमेवम्
सुमार्गं प्रति प्रेरयन्तीमिह ।।४।।

सुशीलाः सुधीराः समर्थाः समेताः
स्वधर्मे स्वमार्गे परं श्रद्धया
वयं भावि-तेजस्वि-राष्ट्रस्य धन्याः
जनन्यो भवेमेति देह्याशिषम् ।।५।।
भारत माता की जय।।


Samiti Prarthana

Rashtra Sevika Samiti, started in 1936 in Wardha by Va. Lakshmi bai Kelkar (Mousiji), is an All India Women Organisation with a Goal to re-establish the Vibrant Hindu Rashtra through the tool Shakha. Read More...





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