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Games have a special significance in physical activities. By playing, the development of body and intellect, the enthusiasm of the mind increases and also the development of intellectual abilities. With the sports being taken in the Samiti, the qualities of victory like the ambitions of victory, sportsmanship, courage, imagination-strength, harmony, association, authenticity, leadership, speed, and the emergence of problems arise. Through the Games, we also get information about subjects such as country, history, tradition and science.

Games have a tremendous capability, it will grow love, compassion, patience, endurance, patience and samskaras.

Based on these, categorised as below:

1) Games on Cirlce (Mandal Khel)
2) Games on Two Cirlces (Dwi Mandal Khel)
3) Two Team Games
4) Intellectual games
5) One person winning Games (Sarva Shrest Vijay)
6) Games with Properties


New Khel Book 

Khel Book

Khel : Kabaddi

Rashtra Sevika Samiti, started in 1936 in Wardha by Va. Lakshmi bai Kelkar (Mousiji), is an All India Women Organisation with a Goal to re-establish the Vibrant Hindu Rashtra through the tool Shakha. Read More...





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