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Guru Purnima Utsav (Aashad Purnima)

It is said that, the Guru Vyasa wrote all the 4 Vedas that were recited by the Lord Brahma and every person in this world is in debt for the work, that saint Vyasa did. He also wrote several Purans. And from those times, a day was dedicated towards the Gurus and this day is called as ‘Guru Purnima’. Purnima word is used because on this day, there is a full moon.It has a deep significance in the past and in today’s world also. 

As this day is dedicated towards the Gurus, people irrespective of caste etc offer their prayers to their gurus thanking them for the knowledge they have provided to the learner.The celebration is marked by ritualistic respect to the Guru, Guru Puja. 

The word Guru is derived from two words, gu and ru. The Sanskrit root gu means darkness or ignorance, and ru denotes the remover of that darkness. Therefore, a Guru is one who removes the darkness of our ignorance. In addition to having religious importance, this festival has great importance for Indian academics and scholars. Indian academics celebrate this day by thanking their teachers as well as remembering past teachers and scholars.


Rashtra Sevika Samiti - Guru Purnima Utsav

Rashtra Sevika Samiti - Guru Purnima Utsav

Rashtra Sevika Samiti - Guru Purnima Utsav


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