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Shloka (Sanskrit: श्लोक śloka; meaning "song", from the root śru, "hear") is a category of verse line developed from the Vedic Anustubh poetic meter. It is the basis for Indian epic verse, and may be considered the Indian verse form par excellence, occurring, as it does, far more frequently than any other meter in classical Sanskrit poetry.The Mahabharata and Ramayana, for example, are written almost exclusively in shlokas.The traditional view is that this form of verse was involuntarily composed by Valmiki in grief, the author of the Ramayana, on seeing a hunter shoot down one of two birds in love.


Manasa Satatam Smaraniyam

Janani Janma Bhumi Swarga Se Mahaan Hai


Hindi : Sayamsmaran 

Telugu : Shloka Manjari 

Gujurati : Ekatmata Mantra 

Gujurati : Shloka

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